Vizics Inc.

Vizics (viz’iks) noun. The science dealing with computer visualization. [Origin: Viz - Slang. Real-time computer visualization; ics – a suffix of nouns that denote a body of facts, knowledge, etc.]

What is Vizics?

Vizics Inc. is a small privately held visualization technology company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our mission is to provide government agencies and contractors with state-of-the-art computer visualization consulting and software engineering services. We specialize in the areas of Real-Time Computer Graphics software and Virtual Reality systems.

Why Visualization?

Computer Visualization provides a natural interface to problems and data that allows the use of the brain's powerful visual processing and comprehension capability. When multiple users can interact with the same visual display, a powerful collaborative effect takes place that further enhances the insight and discovery process.

Why Vizics?

Our team averages over twenty years of Computer Visualization experience in the areas of Real-Time 3D Graphics software and Virtual Reality systems with such companies as Silicon Graphics, Texas Instruments, CAE Link Flight Simulations, and Square USA.



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